The designer behind HORNEYES
Funen-born Jakob Volke is the designer and producer behind a brand-new series of unique eyewear, HORNEYES.
Each pair of glasses is made from carefully selected buffalo-, ox- or cow horn and handmade by the designer himself.

HORNEYES is an exclusive and striking new eyewear collection intended for individuals with a strong sense of identity who is not afraid of going against the flow and standing out.
The distinct organic shapes of Jakob Volke’s work are easily recognizable in his every single artistic expression.
Jakob Volke puts it this way:
“For me shape is the primary focus in the creative process, then comes which material I choose. In the case of HORNEYES it was just the opposite; horn is a great material, but somewhat forgotten.
Horn is a real pleasure to work with and really suitable for shaping and creating.”

Jakob Volke has his workshop in the heart of Odense in extension of his house and in symbiosis with his source of inspiration, his greenhouse.

It’s all in the detail
Each frame of HORNEYES has its own personal character and story because it is handmade from start to finish. Horn is a living, natural material which makes every single frame unique with its own patterns and colors.
The growth of the material can result in small air bubbles.
Small cracks can occur if HORNEYES dries out by being kept too warm. By rubbing the horn in cooking oil, the smooth an even surface is restored.

Horn. Crafts. Hard work.
The horn is heated to 160 Celsius, so that it can be bent and shaped as wished. Then the layers are split, millimeter by millimeter until the frame has the right thickness. Sawing, grounding ad polishing is all done by hand.
The horn is rubbed in a mixture of Weiner lime and organic rapeseed oil which eliminates any allergic reactions.

The process takes time, perfection and patience. Only the best is acceptable.
The designer becomes one with his material as a small piece of art grows from his hands.